Saturday, July 23, 2011

Great News - CC Call today @ 4:00 PM EST

Great News - CC Call today @ 4:00 PM EST

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Friends and Family

If you were following all the latest news, you are aware that Sunday/ Monday looks like the incredible window for our journey to be over. It looks like the roller coaster ride is finally coming to the station. Most of you are aware that Bill Kitchens, Tom Denmark and I have been looking at post RV vehicles to protect our assets. We've looked at numerous trusts both statutory and business, family limited partnerships, C & S Corporations, anonymous LLC's and others. After nearly 6 months of due diligence, we have finally come to the conclusion that the best approach for us would be a company called Bridgeway Financial Corporation.
Obviously our blessings must be protected and frankly that will not be an easy thing to accomplish. Each of us will need as much professional assistance as possible. As you are well aware Bill, Tom, and I are not qualified to direct you in the best approach for your family. Each of you may have to spend many months determining exactly what the best strategy will be for yourself and your family. 

So to keep this short, what we see in Bridgeway is an opportunity to do an initial Nevada Corporation or LLC that is anonymous, that way, you can take your time to accomish the next step if that strategy works for you.
This first step will protect your money until you are able to add additional vehicles above or below this particular Corporation or LLC. This vehicle will just be a holding approach until you have the proper professional help that is best for your family. This particular company represents some of the richest professionals and families in this country (millionaires and billionaires), and one of the attractions to us is that with their lawyers, accountants, and CPAs their average client base pays between 4 and 7% in federal taxes and very little in state taxes. Obviously that's not a guarantee but it sure looks good to us.

We'd like to invite you to join us on this Sunday afternoon to hear a representative from Bridgeway Financial Corporation. Bill, Tom and Michael  have spent many hours with Brenda @ Bridgeway obtaining a wealth of information and I am convinced and assure you it will be time well spent for you.  Please look at the information that Brenda has provided and take the time to listen to each and every one of the audio presentations so that you will be up to speed on Sunday. I understand that this has been a difficult journey for us all but frankly the next week or two will be the most important time of your life. One of the things that we want to make absolutely clear is that in any of the opportunities that we bring to our friends and family we will receive no compensation what so ever.We have specifically turned down all such offers. Our only interest is that you are exposed to the very best opportunities to protect your blessings.

Bill, Tom, Michael and Larry

Larry Mac

PS You may invite dinar holders you personally know.

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