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The Big Experiment (TBE) A truly excellent, informative and helpful Dinar article.

The Big Experiment (TBE)

Let me preface the following with… I am not a/or pretend to be a GURU, Dinar Expert or Investment Specialist. I am however a Business Man and Entrepreneur and this is my POV (Point of View – “Not a Utility Vehicle”).

Look at The Past: Many of the very smart investors among us speak of the past to determine what will happen with the Dinar today. This makes sense and sounds very reasonable but may I respectfully ask… When have over 100 currencies significantly revalued at the same time (If true) and drastically altered the Global Economy overnight (If true again)? TBE

The Rate: .10 to $4.44 (We won’t even discuss the $8.00 knuckle heads). Isn’t there a legitimate argument for both rates and anything in between?

$4.00 would instantly make the Iraqi people wealthy and possibly millions of others worldwide but do they have the resources to support this overnight and wouldn’t millions of Iraqi’s quit their jobs?

How about the .86 to the Euro theory and then a bounty on the larger notes and slow increase to Iraq’s previous rate? Interesting, but wouldn’t this be an issue with a run on their currency from heavy investors (Not Heavy because they are “Fat Cats”)?

Then we have Adam who is about as smart as they come and seemingly very grounded stating .10-.30 sense. IMO we would have a worldwide buying frenzy of the Dinar if this happened. JMO, remember I am a Business Man not an educated expert such as Adam whom I respect greatly. TBE

Bashers/Pumpers: This will surely get some negative marks but I am not writing this for the fame rather just for some perspective. BASHERS/PUMPERS are exactly the same type of person! What say you WowLewi??? They are EGO driven boneheads. They both have no concern for the detriment they cause others. They are most likely sad, insecure folks with nothing better to do. Frankly we should just pray for them. Or should I say “PREY”. I’m watching you!!! TBE

The Big Secret: Supposedly this was the Bush secret from the beginning with “This War will Pay For Itself Plan”. Then the internet Gossip took over and now it is speculated that there could be as much as 3,000,000 investors in the US alone. Oops! If this is true I can see how this could have thrown a big A$$ wrench into the works. So the planners (after changing their shorts) had to re-think this whole deal. TBE

Security: Imagine if you will (You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead-- your next stop . . . the Twilight Zone! – SORRY MY A.D.D. took over). Anyways imagine a poor inner city neighborhood somewhere in the great U.S. and suddenly every citizen overnight became 3,000 percent wealthier (a bit exaggerated, I know) but isn’t this what we are talking about for the Iraqi people. This may appear on the face to be a blessing but wouldn’t this be a massive opportunity for the evil amongst them to do bad things (Rape, Pillage, Plunder)? Therefore I can understand major delays to get their Security in order. TBE

RV Inside/Outside Iraq Only: This makes no sense to me at all. I could be wrong but… 

Outside only RV: Wouldn’t there be massive rioting in Iraq if they found out that outsiders made millions from their Blood, Sweat and years of Tears? Wouldn’t they be finding every way possible to get their cash out of country so they could cash-in? I don’t think our Amazing Soldiers would be very happy as the pride of our nation fought for a stronger Iraq not to weaken one.

Inside only: How many people would do everything they can to smuggle their Dinar into Iraq to get something out of it… Crazy!!! TBE

Dinar for Oil Deal: On the face of it, this sounds crazy. We cut a deal for $32 a Barrel. Obama keeps big oil from drilling offshore and in country. Our government has more control of our economy. Obama get’s re-elected… Put your political affiliations aside and I think… we can all agree that there has been bigger conspiracies than this one successfully implemented. Plausible! TBE

Bank Rumors: Wow these are all over the map… Now this is an actual account of what happened to me about a month ago. Not super exciting, but the truth. I asked a teller that I know at a US Bank in a grocery store in Southern California (I only left out the City to keep them from getting harassed... not that you would want to after reading the story). Anyways, I asked “do you or any of your branches deal in foreign currency”. He replied “We don’t but I will call our main branch and check”. I said “Fantastic because one day I may want to cash in a large sum”. He said he would call and never did. I went in a week later to wire some money for more Dinar and before I got to the window he pulled me aside and said “Sorry for not calling you but were you talking about The Dinar?” He continued… “If you are we were told by Travelex (which works with US Bank) that the Dinar is a BIG SCAM!!!” I said “really”. At that time his Manager recognized me and walked over to join the conversation. The teller said I was just telling Mr. WowLewi (That’s my real name). That the “Dinar is a Big Scam!!!”…. The Manager corroborated what the teller was saying and then I jumped in and asked one question. “If you bought a stock and it more than doubled in value in the last seven years would it be a SCAM?” They both said no it wouldn’t. Then after enlightening them a bit about the investment I proceeded to give them the wire information to purchase more Dinar and they both laughed, because I hadn’t told them why I was there in the first palce. IMO I think this is exactly what the banks would tell the tellers as they wouldn’t have any employees after the RV if they were telling them this is a good investment. Big Businesses typically holds their employees down to protect themselves. Business 101 unfortunately. TBE

LOP or no LOP: I refrain from this argument as this has been beaten to death and both sides are so far apart that the jist of this post would be lost if I went there. I will just say… If it were to LOP (Dare I say) and RV at $3 it was still a good investment. Not saying that is what I think it will do as I am not one of the smart ones.

The Zeros (000): Wow! This is Doozie. I have never heard one statement “Raise the Zeros” be spun, twisted, manipulated, pumped, bashed, used and abused as much as this has. Holy Crap!!! Do you see why I think this is TBE (The Big Experiment). Who knows who knows who’s in the know?

Conclusion (“About Time” You say)

Let’s sit back and put this into perspective. Who are the players? Possibly over 100 countries, The WTO, IMF, UN, CBI, Allawi, Maliki, Shabs, Obama and at least a few puppet masters.

Let’s all assume for a moment that the RV is for real. Clearly we wouldn’t have invested if we didn’t think so. Do really think it is unreasonable that this thing could have been delayed several times? I have been involved in business deals worth only a couple million dollars and 8-10 times thought we would have a deal and at the last second some greedy, insecure, scared person or hour building attorney put the shackles on the deal and we had to fix the problem, start over or regroup. I don’t find it hard to believe that every time the RV looks done some greedy self serving jerk can throw a wrench into it. This is possibly the biggest, technical, logistic, political and world altering event that has ever happen. A few delays should be expected and accepted.

Would I love for Shabs to push the button and watch Possum party until his pants fell off (Oh, my eyes are burning). Of course, but folks… I am just one clueless guy that sees this as a massive undertaking. If you believe in this investment... sit back, relax and realize we may be the ants in the ant farm of THE BIG EXPERIMENT.

Thanks for your time. GO RVVVVVVVVVVVV 

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