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Bearden says that with 100% certainty certain rogue groups including the Yakuza, Japanese mafia and Aum Shinriko Japanese cult have possessed these scalar interferometers since the end of 1989 leasing them from the Russians (from the

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Bearden says that with 100% certainty certain rogue groups including the Yakuza, Japanese mafia and Aum Shinriko Japanese cult have possessed these scalar interferometers since the end of 1989 leasing them from the Russians (from the KGB, who control and use these) and are manipulating US weather, and perhaps other places, moving fronts around with their giant movable areas of heat and cold. They are able to make earthquakes. He says they can add a couple of recent volcano eruptions as possible candidates to their list. More can be found here: ( Bearden says that they have to permit these groups to shoot down an aircraft or something dramatic now and
then, to continue leasing them at about nearly a billion dollars rental. He says the Yakuza mafia has also carried the scalar interferometry technology back to Japan clandestinely, and is apparently producing smaller, more portable weapons now in its own highly hidden facilities in Japan. The Yakuza are a major enemy of the U.S and they do intend to participate directly in great strategic strikes for the eventual destruction of the U.S., whenever that time comes. Bearden says they see this as extracting vengeance against the U.S. for its defeat (and shame, in the Bushido concept) in WW2, and for the U.S. dropping the atomic bombs on Japan. The Yakuza still operates by a modified old Bushido code. Bearden also says that it is also possible that a little burst of scalar energy deliberately placed on the COLUMBIA shuttle, from a Yakuza scalar interferometer, could have initiated the breakup and catastrophic failure of it on Feb 1st 2003.
In non linear mathematics, engineering and science the Soviets have lead the way since the start and the West leads the way in computers, software and miniaturization. Though at present the Japanese have joined forces with the Russians to add computerized components to weaponry. Bearden say that Soviet scalar weapons are capable of destroying the USA, its armed forces or population quickly and efficiently. These scalar transmitters can also become conventional radars, by switching into EM mode. The Russians present ‘old’ transmitters on their ‘old’aircraft, ‘old radar-directed’ gunsites and “obsolete” air defence missile sites. According to Bill Morgan: “If you can cause an earthquake you can also set it to, say, bring down a single buildings, of pair of buildings. It may be that the collapse of WTC twin towers was actually the first major scalar attack in world history. Because in a certain mode the waves at the interference zone can cause metal to soften, even to melt. If so, the planes crashing into them were merely a cover story to cloak the fact that the Tesla Howitzer had been used. A mishap with one of these devices could wipe out all life on earth. They could disrupt the scalar wave balance between Earth and Sun in such a way that would cause massive solar disturbances and storms, completely frying the earth.” Bearden says that the Russians have been using the shuttles for target practice, but he says the COLUMBIA attack, may be by an unknown party, and hints that the Japanese Yakuza mafia, have been leasing scalar weapons from Russia since 1989 and have been targeting US since then. Did they or another party shoot down COLUMBIA on 1 Feb 2003? More can be found here:
Bearden says that when the CHALLENGER was shot down on Jan 28 1986, U.S. wasn’t familiar enough with scalar interferometry, since scalar waves are not taught in physics, but he claims there is 100% proof that the Russians shot it down in full view of the world. U.S. has decided to build all the HAARP transmitters also using Tesla technology to get the Russians and other enemies once and for all. However nowdays America’s enemies have multiplied and at least fifteen countries have scalar weapons, so America and everyone else not only has to watch their backs but underneath and above. Instantaneous scalar attacks could come from anywhere and right through the Earth and there are theories that the FBI building bombed in Oklahoma on 17 April 1995, had multiple evidence of a scalar attack by an unknown party. However Harry Mason wonders if it may be a revenge attack by the Japanese for the Kobe earthquake in January 1995, which has suspicious scalar weapons signatures. Others say the WTC towers also had evidence of a scalar attack during 9/11.

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