Friday, June 3, 2011

Will Iraq’s currency, the Iraq Dinar, revalue soon? The answer is “yes!”

Will Iraq’s currency, the Iraq Dinar, revalue soon? The answer is “yes!”

1.DFI (Development Funds for Iraq) runs out. Not a rumor! If this runs out, they lose their protection against law suits from claimants from the previous regime. http://articlesofint...raq-and-un.html

2.CBI report states that the RV has to be done by June 30. (Page 38 “Revalue” )

3.UN recognizes IQD as a viable currency once it revalues http://treasury.un.o...ionalRates.aspx

4.Bagdad Ministry of Planning (MOP) makes future rate projections can be as low as $1.134 dollars, but most likely will be near the $4 USD mark

5.In an article titled, “The Recent Iraq 2011 Budget May Have Leaked the Coming Currency Revaluation” you’ll see some guestimations of the RV happening at .855 USD, which is where you are hearing rumors of the .86 cent claims.

6.Based on Iraq Government and Banking documents posted in public view, we should see an RV before the end of June, probably as soon as they can now and the rate should be over 3.20 USD to 1 IQD. This is not based on inside information or some hidden inside source, this is based on Public documentation. No guess work, it is what the Iraq government and CBI have already told us.

7.UN accepted budget projections for Iraq are $90.1 billion. However, oil revenues are estimated at only $26.1 billion. 90.1/26.1 = $3.452 USD just to meet their existing UN approved budget. It is probably safe to assume they will include additional government spending so that’s why you are hearing estimates for the RV rate as high as $4.41.

In another article “The Iraq Revaluation Soon” this paragraph ended the article, “Recently, the Iraqi Government stated “We have promised the people of Baghdad and Iraq that the next four years will be the phase of construction and better economy, and we will live up to our promises”
So, to answer the original question asked above, “Will Iraq’s currency, the Iraqi Dinar, gain value compared to other world currencies soon?”
Absolutely, YES!… Because a new government is in place, and old oil fields are getting back on line, and new ones are being discovered, and the security has been restored. Iraq also had a lot of debt piled up owing to many other countries. And most of that debt has been forgiven by those countries. What will keep the currency revaluation from happening now?
Common sense and public information seems to indicate it should happen very soon! There is no reason for further hesitation! http://dinartrade.or...evaluation-soon—
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