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  Jesus of Nazareth cleaned the moneychangers out of the Temple – twice!  When the Greater comes, the lesser must leave.  Shortly before the American Revolution, the 14th colony was organizing in what is now known as West Virginia.  It was called – Vandalia.  The STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA has been a de facto government since its inception in 1863.  We are resurrecting Vandalia.  When the greater comes, it will displace the lesser. 
  Jesus of Nazareth also trashed the Pharisees (lawyers) – the scribes (media) – as well as preachers and teachers of the law (education.)  It is these people, working in collusion, who have almost broken the backs of the American people by stealing their wealth, and its means of production.  From 2300 years of western civilization history, when governments remove enough resources from the people, they get hungry, and go into violent revolt to throw that government off.  

  Our forefathers knew this and created a small, locally controlled, Common Law, Constitutional Republic form of government that protected the rights of all – with representatives elected by popular vote.  The goal was to have a little revolution every two years at the ballot box, as opposed to a bloody revolution every few generations.  Starting with mechanical voting machines, over a century ago, elections have been totally corrupted.  ALL voting is to be done in PRIVATE – COUNTED in public.

  Within the Constitution and Bill of Rights, there are THREE voting processes.  The voting booth is the first.  The other two are the DE JURE grand jury – comprised of a couple dozen people who CONTROL WHAT CASES ARE BROUGHT TO TRIAL – and the DE JURE petit jury – trial jury – THAT CONTROLS THE JUDGE!  In this system, the people control the courts, as well as the creation and administration of laws.  They – are in control of the entire government.  

  For over a century, the Pharisees, scribes, preachers & teachers of the law have worked in collusion to destroy all three voting processes.  Both juries have slowly become puppets of the puppet-masters in our judicial system.  They have not just tampered with juries.  They’ve effectively destroyed them – and only we the people can take it back through lawful process.

  Our judicial system has been so bastardized that government agencies can hold their own ‘hearings’ that have the force of law – but are totally – totally – unconstitutional.  You are guilty until proven innocent when dealing with any government agency – forced to plead your case before government employees who have the powers of prosecuting attorney, judge & executioner.  That bureaucrat is not administering justice.  He or she is nothing more than an agent – an employee – of the state – doing the state’s will.  Our goal is to peacefully reverse this, back to our original form of government.  What we have now is a mockery – an appearance of justice that is sublimely ridiculous – idiocy raised to the level of a fine art. 

  To get just a small grasp of the corruption in our official ‘courts’ – look up ‘Maritime Law.’  Almost all courtrooms in the US are engaged in equity, and/or maritime/admiralty law.  Under this ‘law’ – the ‘judge’ acts as the captain of a ship in international waters – and if the judge tells you to walk the plank – you walk.  If you don’t believe me, find the highest place in every state in the union and you will find a US Geological Survey brass marker – that marks the ‘high water mark’ in that state.  With this ‘legal trickery’ – we the people have been placed under international maritime law.  When you lift the railing to approach the bench, you are ‘walking on board’ an imaginary ‘ship at sea’ – where the ‘captain’ – totally controls everything on ‘his’ ship and the Constitution is just a GD piece of paper – to paraphrase a presidential decree.  Got it?  (Don’t depend on your banker, attorney, teacher, preacher or TV to tell you any of this.) 

  As I said in another article, the world is full of legal trickery – fiction – LIES!  If you see a US flag – with a gold fringe around it – it is a captured flag – and when you see it in a courtroom you are in MARITIME law – where the judge is a little god on ‘his’ ship.  Does this explain why judicialarrogance is now one word?  It is this totally corrupt judiciary that anchors our de facto ‘governments’ – in debauchery.

  Our nation was founded under Common Law.  People of that time were so grounded in Common Law that it is just referred to in the Constitution that refers to the right of habeas corpus – and jury trials – and presentments.  Common Law was just a ‘given’ – at that time.  People at that time knew God gave them their rights – and governments were notorious for taking them! 

  Common Law means – do no harm to others & live up to your agreements.  Common Law is common to people all over the world.  It’s described in the Bible as well as many other ancient documents.  Legitimate courts were initially put in place to settle arguments between people, not take all they owned – their rights – their property – their progeny. 

  Throughout history, governments have done their best to impose laws & such that are in direct violation of Common Law – to TAKE what belongs to ‘we the people.’  Under Common Law, a criminal is anyone who takes control of that which is not his.  In this light, what institution behaves in the most criminal fashion?  Does it make sense to you – for government to steal what’s yours, kidnap you (jail you) and/or kidnap your children – steal them – when you have harmed – nobody? 

  Before proceeding farther, I am avowed pacifist.  I do not start fights, and anarchy is the worst of all worlds.  I’m an adherent of Common Law, and due process of law – administered by lawful government.  We have vestiges of Common Law that we refer to as ‘The Code of the Hills’ in Vandalia.  Under Common Law, kidnapping is a capital offense.  You kidnap someone’s child?  You die.  Under the ‘Code of the Hills’ – you simply find that person who has done this – and you kill them.  That is NOT Common Law.  That is taking the law into your own hands – as someone once said ‘playing God.’

  Common Law calls for due process – a trial – controlled by a group of your peers where the judge acts as referee – not God.  Do not confuse a jury trial – where the jury runs the trial AND the judge – and ‘trial BY jury’ which means the judge tries the person – BESIDE a jury (trial BY jury) – OK?  That’s just more ‘legal’ trickery.  The judge is not to ‘instruct the jury.’  The jury is to instruct the judge!  Got it?  It has taken over a century to go from Common Law with jury trials – to ‘trial by jury.’  I spoke of voting.  The trial jury – is the third ballot box. 

  So – what about the second voting process?  The Grand Jury?  The second voting process is the legitimate – de jure – KEY to the courtroom that was in place in almost ALL courts – a century and a half ago.  It has slowly – oh-so-slowly – been replaced by 

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