Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011 The Death of America - Doug Casey / Stefan Molyneux

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Death of America - Doug Casey / Stefan Molyneux

Doug Casey on the Largest Criminal Entity on Earth . There are at least 7 trillion us Dollars held outside the United States , if the dollar collapses it is going to be a worldwide problem.The largest criminal entity today at large is not some Colombian cocaine gang , it's the US Government they're far more dangerous and they have a legal monopoly to do anything they want with you says Doug Casey , I rather deal with the mafia than I would with any agency in the US Government because first of all the Mafia tends to honor their word because they have no legal way of enforcing it , so it's easier to honor your word , US government never does that , and the Mafia has no legal right of enforcement , so the US government is much more dangerous and even under the worse circumstances even if the Mafia control the United States I can't believe that even Tony Soprano will try to steal forty percent people's income from them every year , he couldn't get away with it , but for some reason the US government is able to .

Doug Casey : "I'm of the opinion that most people are basically decent. The 80/20 rule. 80% of people are ok, basically. But now what about that 20%? Well, let's call them potential trouble sources, because they can go either way. But we can take 20% of that 20%, ok. And these people are the sociopaths "...Good points as usual...I like the sociopaths leading the 20% idea. Makes sense. Lack of philosophical anchors-great way to put it, reigning fear of middle class, yep, reflexive belief in gov't made up that some of those sociopaths. Got it. .  There are very few left who actually understand how, and why this country was founded, it is to escape the clutches of those who coerce and seek to control your life, starting with your mind, and right down to your very body and the space you exist in, simple as that.There is a lot more we can learn from Doug, and this is just an excerpt..

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